Happy and healthy

Torre de Núñez has been dedicated to producing quality serrano ham and cured meats for over 50 years. We base our work on tradition and craftsmanship in handling the product.

From the beginning, we have set challenges for ourselves that always sought not only to satisfy the public, but also to take care of it. We like taking care of you. We offer our customers products of the highest quality, while at the same time gluten- and allergen-free.

At Torre de Núñez, for example, we are proud of our serrano ham, which has 25% less salt than the average for products in its category, as certified by the Spanish Heart Foundation.

And it is all produced with one of the most tender and juicy meats in the world: the Duroc breed. It is present in all Torre de Núñez hams and cured meats.

We were born to make you happy and healthy.

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